Unbroken Truth

Len started walking in step with the other constables as they slowly approached the rioters. She heard soft thumps from behind as chromatic metal balls the size of a fist were fired through the air in soft arcs above them and disappeared into the mass of people. Arcane tension built and cracked as colourful bubbles of energy appeared and disappeared among the rioters. People screamed in terror and pain as the psycho-arcane weapons scrambled their senses, and Len saw people scattering with strangely coloured liquids trickling out of their orifices. It felt good to see the bigots running.

“This will get ugly”, Dunteil said and activated her baton. It started glowing faintly red. In front of them the Burning Banner roughs were reorganizing, turning their back to the counterdemonstrators and rushing in a great wall of angry suited bodies towards the constables.

“I don’t mind”, Len said and powered up her own baton.


The Dustlands is a region known for inhospitable conditions. An ancient substance known as Rust rains over it daily, eating concrete and metal and destroying the lungs of anyone stupid enough not to wear a filter mask when they journey outside.

Lenstay “Len” Yoria is a disillusioned detective with the Lansfyrd Police Department relegated to cases beneath her qualifications because of the city’s deep seated preconceptions about her domestic partner Vli’s people.

Vli-Rana Talie is a lector at the Lansfyrd University. She studies the remnants of the long-dead Xetaran Dominion, a nation of flesh-eating reptiles that dominated the known world for millenia, to find proof that humans weren’t in fact the first settlers of the Dustlands after the Dominion fell.

In a city overflowing with xenophobia and corruption, the murder of an infamous radio-shaman threatens to bring the city over the edge. But everything isn’t what it seems, and as Len and Vli tries to get to the bottom of the murder they begin to unravel a conspiracy that threatens to change the Dustlands for the worse.


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